2019 Jordan: Evaluation of the joint programme "Hemayati: Promoting women and girls health and well-being"

Publication Year:
  • SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being
  • SDG 5 - Gender Equality

This report focuses on the impact of the Hemayati joint programme that strengthens people’s access to life saving protection and sexual reproductive health services. Specifically, this report focuses on individuals who encountered gender based violence and sexual and reproductive health and shelter. One key note in the report is that the programme demonstrated effective implementation strategies. This was apparent through the integration of services, which allowed more women to access free-of-charge services. The magnitude of the programme truly exhibits the success of the programme. Further, the programme saw positive results because of the allocated funds in the budget. It was reported that as much as $3 million USD was available. The high budget cost in addition to the increased level of coordination saw the success of this joint programme. Overall, the evaluation sought to determine the effectiveness of the program, and it most certainly benefited the community. In Zakaria, a survey found that “10 out of 10 beneficaries interviewed expressed an overall positive feedback on the services they received.” It is obvious that this program promotes a healthy environment, and ought to be continued.


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