2022 UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide

Voices of Youth
Voices of Youth
Publication Year:
  • SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Launch of the new globally-adapted Youth Advocacy Guide (YAG), featuring an overview of the tool and how to use it, a special resource hub on Voices of Youth developed to support it, and stories from youth advocates.

The full UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide is now available in English.

UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide

[Coming soon in Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese!]

A recording of the recent webinar is available here.

The Youth Advocacy Guide and supporting resources are available on UNICEF’s Voices of Youth website. On the website, you will find four pages dedicated to the Youth Advocacy Guide:

  • The UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide and Workbook (available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Portuguese)
    • A PDF of the Youth Advocacy Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
    • Versions of the Workplan can be downloaded by clicking on the link. Two versions are available:
      • A printable version for users who wish to print the Workplan and write on the document directly
      • An editable version for users who wish to work on the Workplan virtually on a device. *we recommend using Adobe when working on this resource for the best user experience*
  • The Youth Advocacy Resources Hub - Contains additional resources and in-depth content on various advocacy subjects.
  • The Championing Change Through Advocacy - Content of the Youth Advocacy Guide in an online format.
  • The UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide Training Materials - Links to download the Youth Advocacy Guide Training Guide, Slides, and Collaborative Workspace. These materials are designed to be used to host a highly interactive virtual youth-led advocacy training. *Clicking on the links will prompt you to create your own copy of a Training Script (a Google doc) and a Collaborative Workspace for participants (in Google slides). Please adapt these materials to make the slides and content your own*

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