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European Union
April 29, 2020
  • SDG 5 - Gender Equality

This online course provides main strategies and basic tools to effectively promote gender equality in external and development policies. By the end of this course participants will have gained knowledge and understanding of:

  1. The main strategies and approaches to promote gender equality in Development Cooperation;
  2. Basic tools to unravel and analyze gender relations;
  3. Basic skills to transform a gender blind approach and pursue a meaningful dialogue on how to implement a gender sensitive approach in development cooperation.

Target Group

The course is primarily targeted at staff involved in the management of EU development co-operation, in the Commission (in particular Delegation staff), in Member States as well as in partner organisations.

The pre-requisite for participation is basic knowledge on Gender concepts, on EU Commitments to promote gender equality in development co-operation (A paper is available in the library of this course).


The content of the course covers the following aspects:

  • Overview of several strategies such as women's empowerment, capacity building, equal opportunities, temporal corrective measures, gender mainstreaming, gender budgeting and the political dialogue, with special attention for the European twin-track and three-pronged approach.

  • Basic tools, such as analytical frameworks to unravel gender gaps, tables and exercises to identify practical and strategic gender interests, gender responsive indicators, checklists, advocacy and others.

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