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Eireine Peacebuilding Database

Alliance for Peacebuilding
Alliance for Peacebuilding
Publication Year:
April 30, 2020
  • SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

The Eireine Peacebuilding Database is a collection of 3,381 indicators available on peacebuilding resources from 2,008 sources.

The Eirene Peacebuilding Database is the culmination of nearly two years of work to search, catalogue, curate, and share peacebuilding key indicators that will help you all better assess your work and measure impact. It puts forward program approaches, indicators, and measures currently being used in peacebuilding across seven program areas.

There are many different, dynamic uses for the Eirene Peacebuilding Database. Below are just three options that we recommend for how to incorporate the database into your work.

  1. Serve as a starting point for program design: Need to do a literature review as you design you program, but you do not know where to start? You can use Eirene to help you understand what other programs have found in a specific location, through a particular approach, with a key target group, etc. This promotes learning and emphasizes the need for evidence-based design.

  2. Serve as an inspiration when designing an M&E framework and creating program indicators. We all know we use other programs as inspiration when designing our own M&E frameworks, but we do not always select the best fit examples. You can use Eirene to identify how are others measuring such amorphous concepts as social cohesion, trust, or resiliency in order to better refine and contextualize indicators, measures, and tools for your specific program.

  3. Act as a starting point to define key indicators for the peacebuilding field and seek forms of standardization across peacebuilding indicators. Eirene is a beginning effort to look across the field and understand how programs are defining, measuring, and testing different outcomes in peacebuilding. Eirene can serve as a starting place to develop a peacebuilding DM&E ontology that could help us develop standard measures. The development of standard measures, that would be expected to go through multiple iterations of testing, could help advance the fields towards aggregating results and studying collective impact across specific geographic scopes, conflicts, thematic areas, etc.


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