Girl Effect: Real-life stories that help girls navigate their own choices

Girl Effect
Girl Effect
Publication Year:
October 28, 2021
  • SDG 5 - Gender Equality

Real-life stories that help girls navigate their own choices

Yegna encourages positive behaviour change for girls in Ethiopia by tackling real-life challenges through a TV drama, talk show, digital channels, music, and club networks. 

Captivating an audience of 10 million people nationwide, Yegna uses storytelling to address issues from violence and early marriage to coping with Covid-19 and accessing health services.

Yegna is now a household name with nationwide reach after launching Ethiopia’s first TV drama for teenagers, reaching both urban and rural communities. The Yegna cast - five girls and two boys - play characters that reflect the lives of millions of Ethiopian teens; forming meaningful friendships and helping each other to find their voice and navigate the challenges of growing up.

Meaning ‘ours’ in Amharic, Yegna is rooted in Ethiopian culture, and was created after listening to the challenges faced by thousands of Ethiopian girls in their everyday lives. Since 2013, Yegna has become a youth brand that audiences love, and are proud to call ‘authentically Ethiopian.’


Tackling the barriers girls face in completing secondary education...


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