Scrum - A Path Towards Giving a Voice To Those Who Don't Have One

Saul Gomez
  • SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being
  • SDG 4 - Quality Education
  • SDG 5 - Gender Equality
  • SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Scrum is a manner in which to accomplish goals, deliver products to a client and/or stakeholders, primarily in the Tech industry. More and more however, Scrum practices in part or in whole, have been successfully utilized to leverage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles. Events such as the "retrospective" give voice to those who otherwise normally do not have one as this event allocates each team member an uninterrupted voice...the premise being what went well, what did not, what should we do more of and what should we do less of.

Scrum concerns itself with not about what title or rank someone has but rather their contribution-their innovation and perspective. Scrum creates psychological safety so that everyone has the opportunity to express their ideas-add in Design Thinking and the concepts of Divergent and Convergent thinking and we have a formidable framework in which to ideate and discover possibilites that otherwise would not be discovered or known about. 

Providing these methodologies to the youth as a way to navigate through problem solving can stand to plant new ways in which to do so as they grow up and especially those that ascend towards leadership roles. If our youth is our future, then let's endeavor to prepare and equip them with tools that can stand to change the narrative of having to resolve to violence to solve problems...and to do so in a more inclusvie and equitable way. 

I submit that Scrum, Design Thinking and other Agile practices be considered for use in development of solutions to problems, on a global scale...starting with our future-our youth. 


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