Tip Sheets for Adults, Adolescents and Youth on Adolescent and Youth Participation in Different Settings

Adolescent Development and Participation section, UNICEF
Publication Year:
March 08, 2021
ADAP Engaged and Heard Tip Sheet - resized

UNICEF's Tip Sheet series offers suggestions for 1) adults, and 2) adolescents and youth, to support the safe and meaningful participation of adolescents and youth in different settings (conferences, advocacy events, campaigns, policy dialogues, public speaking and interviews, audio recordings and video productions, document reviews, networking, online engagement, and in youth advisory groups).  The series was designed in collaboration with adolescents and youth, based on their real-life experience participating in various activities. The series builds upon UNICEF’s Engaged and Heard! guidelines.  

The Tip Sheet series are offered as a set: for each topic (i.e., youth advisory groups), there is a set of tips for adults, and a complementary/matching sheet for adolescents and youth. The Tip Sheets are available to download as a set or as separate sheets (note for the separate Tip Sheets on document reviews, networking, online engagement, and youth advisory groups you will need to email, or access through the full set of Tip Sheets).

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